First of all...

        I wanna say a monstrous thank you for the massive flood of birthday emails, e-cards, attachments, dirty pics, bad jokes, harassment, alcohol, Tylenol and birthday noogies.  If you have NOT been party to any of the above - it’s not too late, and I AM still accepting cheque and money orders.
        Now… the one question that has consistently permeated all emails received was "how was it?"  The 5th Annual 25th Brown Birthday Bash at The Rex was… well … in a word - extraordinary.  And if you’re here reading this page, it means you probably wanna know what went down that night.

        So would I.

        However through the magic of modern science and with the aid of friends and family that attended I’ve managed to hazily piece together most of the night.  Now this page may be visited by folks from many different walks of life… so to those who object to the "identifying label" which will follow their names and would like to contest it, please email me.  For example Ross MacIntyre will appear as Ross MacIntyre (bassist for Dr. Pop & The Noise).  If he should wish his name to appear as Ross MacIntyre (colon massage therapist and friend to rabbits)… that would be no problem.

        So as you know the plan was to go to the Rex (Toronto jazz club, AA meeting nightmare) with my little brother, have a drink and enjoy the Dave Smith Quartet (fellow trumpet player, good friend, afro owner) and spend time with whomever managed to show as a result of the secretly sent email my girl mailed to everybody in my addressbook.  This was to transpire the day BEFORE my birthday, December 1st as I was supposed to be flying out the next day for a short tour with Dominicanada.(Toronto merengue band, latin coke connection) to Pennsylvania.  Here’s how the day unfolded….

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