Well…. It took me 2 full days to recover from that night and my memory is all haze.  Amazing what 2 days in bed can do for your soul (not to mention providing the time needed to construct this birthday website... from a very, very quiet, near immoble moaning postion)  I’m looking forward to talking with some of those there that night and getting some details.  I do remember having the best time of my life since I turned 18 and had a surprise party thrown for me.  That night… all those years ago… I also got smashed on tequila and partook in some antics which left me with 2 schoolyard nicknames.  Tequila Ralph… because that’s what you do when you drink that much tequila.

       The other was Spider-Nick…  but that’s another story entirely.  :)

Thanks to all those who came and hope to see you out at the

The 6th Annual
25th Brown Birthday Bash 2000

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