Published Interviews with Brownman from both print media and radio

2010-Sept :: newspaper
The Complete 3000-word Boston Phoenix Interview re: Guru/Solar
The entire unabridged 3000 word interview Brownman, trumpet player for Guru's Jazzmatazz, gave
to Boston Phoenix investigative reporter Chris Faraone.  A disturbing and eye-opening first-hand accouting
of what Brownman saw of the Guru-Solar dynamic while on tour with Jazzmatazz.  Originally re-issued online by
FuckSolar.com (which has since disappeared).  Printed with permission from The Boston Phoenix, Chris Faraone & Brownman.com

2008-Jan :: webzine
LIVE MUSIC REPORT "Brownman Electryc Trio with Randy Brecker"
An in-depth look at the highly acclaimed packed-to-the-rafters concert held on Jan 11th in Toronto
which paired legendary trumpeter Randy Brecker with his former prodigal trumpet, now Canadian jazz
trumpet icon.  Written by former editor of CODA magazine, Canada's most acclaimed jazz magazine.

2008-Jan :: live video footage
CBC promo reel for the "Brownman Electryc Trio with Randy Brecker" concert
A 7 minute promo reel for the live CBC nation-side broadcast of the Jan 11, 2008 Randy Brecker w/
Brownman Electryc Trio show.  Contains some hilarious live footage of both Brownman and Brecker
describing how they first met and Brecker's immeasureable influence as Brownman's former teacher.

2007-Nov :: magazine (very in-depth)
CODA MAGAZINE cover story: "The Rise of Brownman"
(the above link will show a sub-directory containing scans of this extensive article)
Click here for a single 2.3 meg PDF file containing entire article.

Brownman was the cover story for the Sept/Oct issue of CODA, Canada's most acclaimed jazz magazine
since 1958.  This piece of literature is an extremely in-depth look at Brownman's life and his rise in the
Canadian musical community to his now international stature.

2007-Mar :: television
BRAVO! documentary "The Life And Times of Brown"
In 2007 the BRAVO! channel, in conjunction with Leda Serene Films aired this 1/2 hour documentary on the the life of
award-winning Trinidadian born jazz trumpet player BROWNMAN ALI. It is an insightful and in-depth look at one of the  most
acclaimed jazz artists in the nation, diving deeply into his personal history, his time in New York City with  Randy Brecker
& clearly illustrating why he is now widely considered a vanguard for the evolution of jazz in Canada.  This documentary
was filmed in 2006 *before* he was asked to join GURU's JAZZMATAZZ.  A facinating look at his pre-Jazzmatazz career.

2007-Jan :: newspaper
TORONTO SUN "Living life on a high note"
Brown was the subject of a 1/2 page spread of the Jan 1st edition of the Toronto Sun - a retrospective
in-depth look at his highly impressive 2006 year written by respected journalist and CBC producer Nicholas Davis

2006-Sept :: radio (streaming MP3)
CBC Radio's "Big City, Small World" on Sat Sept 2, 2006 takes an in-depth look at Brownman's Sept
Production of the BRAZILIAN TRIFECTA by inviting the whole Trifecta to perform live on air!
 Each singer performed one tune each and a highly informative and amusing large group interview was
given featuring Brownman, all 3 vocalists & show hosts Claudia Garcia de la Huerta and Garvia Bailey.
Hear the entire whole 28 minute show below includes 3 full tunes plus interviews and host commentaries.
..Low Res MP3 stream: 48 kbps, 9.8 meg - FM radio quality
Free download of low res MP3 for limited time (right click link and save to hard drive)
Janelle Monique - vocals on tune 1: "Dust in the Wind", Aline Morales - vocals on tune 2: "Chega De Saudade"
Eliana Cuevas - vocals on tune 3: "Mas Que Nada", Brownman - flugelhorn / percussion / musical director
Attila Fias - keyboards Ross MacIntyre - bass, Rich Brisco - drums

2005-Sept :: magazine
YOUNG PEOPLE'S PRESS "Ya Basta the Marcos of Jazz"
A post-Argentinean tour look at Brownman's return to Canada for 11 feature appearances at the Toronto Jazz festival. (in-depth)

2006-June :: magazine
EYE MAGAZINE interview "Style For Miles"
Errol Nazereth's in-depth look at Brownman's FIVE WEEKS FOR MILES Production and Miles' impact on his life.  (in-depth)

2005-July :: magazine
TORONTO FILM FEST mag review "Mythology In The Making"
Andrew McIntosh reviews the ALI BROS feat. Enlight & Phatt Al show on Canada Day, July 1st, 2005

2005-July :: magazine
METRONEWS Magazine - single question
Part of MetroNews "Workology" Section.  Read Brown's amusing answer to their question.

2005-March :: magazine
VIEW Magazine Interview
Very in depth magazine article on GRUVASYLUM, Brown's jazz-hip-hop group

2005-Jan :: radio (streaming MP3)
Audio Interview with Jazz FM's Ralph Benmergui
5.7meg MP3 | 12min:07sec
Hear the Jan 18, 2005 Jazz FM Interview with Ralph Benmurgui
where the origins of the Brownman moniker are discussed along with Brown's
experiences in New York with Randy Brecker and a recent Havana Jazz Festival
Performance (where CRUZAO had been asked to represent Canada).

2004-Nov :: online website
Everything2.com Article
Online article quickly & effectively summarizing Brownman's artistic being.

2004-March :: online website
Salsa Spot Interview
Online article on Brown's salsa band Marrón Matizado - very in depth

2004-Feb :: discussion panel
Transcript from the discussion on Latin-Jazz held by the Jazz Journalists Association for which Brownman was a panelist

2003-March :: magazine cover
NOW Magazine Cover Story

Highly controversial cover story detailing much of Brown's ideology,
his involvement in the Distillery Jazz Fest & the Toronto jazz community.

2002-Aug :: magazine
Scene & Heard Magazine Interview
Article featuring Brown's thoughts on the Toronto jazz community

2002-Sept :: magazine
Picante Latin Xpress Magazine Interview
Article on Brown's salsa band Marrón Matizado - very in depth

2001-Sept :: magazine
NOW Magazine feature article
Article on winning the Montreal Jazz Fest's coveted "Grand Prix du Jazz Award"

2001-July :: magazine
Toronto Star Feature article
Article on winning the Montreal Jazz Fest's coveted "Grand Prix du Jazz Award"

2001-July :: magazine
Montreal Jazz Festival Press Release
Article on winning the Montreal Jazz Fest's coveted "Grand Prix du Jazz Award"

2001-Jan :: magazine
Strand Newspaper Interview
General interest story

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