Brownman Ali
Julian Anderson-Bowes
Norbert Botos

B.A.T. 2003 at Lisa's Cafe


Brownman Ali
trumpet & flügelhorn
Nick Maclean
piano & rhodes
Jesse Dietschi
acoustic & electric bass
Tyler Goertzen
drums & percussion

B.A.Q. - 2015

"Award winning Trinidadian born, New York schooled jazz trumpet player Brownman Ali leads this modern jazz quartet through inspired arrangements of standards and choice originals.  The new generation of jazz."
          - Jazzonline.com reviewer

"Performing organic jazz in the classic trio or quartet setting, this unit strives to embody the jazz improvising spirit of the 60's - communication.  Playing selections of standards linked together in one organic mish-mash of sonic goodness, this unit brings classic jazz themes and powerful Brownman compositions into the new millenium"
          - Scott McLaren, CHRY radio

   Clip only
   1.2 meg
"Bye Bye Blackbird" - Trio
   1926 jazz ballad interpreted here by Brownman. Featuring Daniel Barnes on drums and Ross MacIntyre on bass. This tune will will appear on an upcoming trio release.
   Full tune
   7.5 meg
"Days Of Wine & Roses" - Trio
    This classic jazz standard performed as a jazz-samba in the chordless trio setting. Again featuring Daniel Barnes on drums and Ross MacIntyre on bass.
   Clip only
   1.6 meg
"Without A Song" - Quartet
    Another classic jazz standard performed.  This clip was taken from the 2003 Distillery Jazz Festival.  Daniel Barnes on drums, Marc Rogers on bass and Adrean Farrugia on piano.
   Full tune
   7.8 meg
"Red Clay" - Trio
   Freddie Hubbard's clasic 70's jazz-funk standard re-invented by the Trio.  This groove tune features Brown on the electric trumpet and for some sizzling high-energy jazz-funk.

All bookings or inquries -- andrew@brownman.com
Andrew Nicholson, booking & logistics, Browntasauras Records

Brown - trumpet | Kevin Brow - drums | Scott Peterson - bass
Brownman Akoustic Trio 2005
Brownman - trumpet | Kevin Brow - drums | Scott Peterson - bass
Trane Studio, Toronto - Apr 2005

When the "regulars" aren't available for the drums'n'bass chairs, a sub must be called in...
... this has led over the years  to many of Toronto's finest jazz musicians doing time in the Trio or Quartet.
Trio & Quartet Alumni include:
Jesse Dietschi - bass
(Working Quartet pianist 2015-current)
Nick Maclean - piano
(Working Quartet pianist 2015-current)
Tyler Goertzen - drums
(Working Quartet pianist 2015-current)
Michael "Danger" Herring - bass
(Working Trio bassist 2001-2004... replaced by Scott Peterson in 2005)
Scott Peterson - bass
(Working Trio bassist 2005-2009... replaced by Ross MacIntyre in 2010)
Marc Rogers - bass
Greg Earle - bass
Chris Jennings - bass
Ross MacIntyre - bass
Brandi Disterheft - bass
Mark Cashion - bass
Soren Nissen - bass
Jon Hawes - bass
Aaron Staebell - drums
Kevin Brow - drums
(Working Trio drummer 2001-2006)
Terry Clarke - drums
Daniel Barnes - drums
Joe Poole - drums
Ben Riley - drums
Sly Juhas - drums
Jeff Halischuk - drums
Davide DiRenzo - drums
Ernesto Cervini - drums
Norbert Botos - drums
Eric West - drums
Dave Restivo - piano
(Working Quartet pianist 2001-2003... replaced by Adrean Farrugia in 2004)
Adrean Farrugia - piano
(Working Quartet pianist 2004-2015... replaced by Nick Maclean in 2015)
David Braid - piano

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