* B R O W N   N E W S *    The legendary GURU (of Gangstarr & Jazzmatazz fame) died on Apr 19th, 2010 * B R O W N   N E W S *
Brownman has been the featured soloist for Guru's Jazzmatazz since 2006.  See his memorial page: guru.brownman.com
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Brown's Tour Schedules
2011 ELECTRYC TRIO - Canada, Mar/Apr
2009 GURU - Europe, Nov
2009 GURU - Europe, Jul
2009 GURU - Europe, Mar
2009 GURU - USA, Jan
2008 GURU - Europe, May
2008 GURU - Japan, Apr
2008 GURU - UK, Mar
2007 GURU - USA & Europe
2004 TABARRUK - Canada
2002 CRUZAO - Canada
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National Jazz Award winners for Electric Jazz Group of the Year
Official "ELECTRYC TRIO" Website

National Jazz Award winners
"electric-jazz group of the year"

Browntasauras Records
2009                      2013
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.Official "CRUZAO" Website

The 5-piece multi-award-winning 
chordless Latin-Jazz-Urban unit 
Browntasauras Records
2002 release: 

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Brown's jazz-hip-hop unit featuring rapper MC Enlight
Official "GRUVASYLUM" Website
The 5-piece Jazz-hip-hop madness 
Browntasauras Records
2003 release: 

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Classic trumpet led jazz quartet in the spirit of the 60's Bluenote recordings.
The Jazz Quartet
A modern, progressive, high-energy Salsa band bringing elements of funk, jazz and hip-hop to the table.Official "MARRÓN MATIZADO" Website

The 10-piece Salsa band
A 15-man latin-jazz urban big band version of Cruzao feat. 6 horns, 3 percussionists, 2 bassists, 2 latin vocalists & 2 rappersOfficial "CRUZAO GRUPO

The 15-man Latin-jazz Urban Orchestra
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Photo gallery & streaming soundclips
of various Brown recordings 
(MP3s from CRUZAO
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Brownman diggin' in at Toronto's Rex Jazz Club

Brownman blazing

Brownman on tour - Detroit

Brownman burning up a solo

Brownman at Lula Lounge, Toronto

Brownman on tour - Prague

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Scott McLaren, host of "THE JAZZ JOURNEY" on CHRY radio writes:
       "Born on the small Caribbean island of Trinidad, schooled in New York and now based in Toronto, Brownman is one of the most in demand, young jazz studio trumpet players in Canada today.  At the age of 25, he is also an accomplished composer/arranger and the recipient of the 2002 Canadian National Jazz Award (NJA) for "Jazz Composer of the Year", also clocking in as first runner-up for "Jazz Trumpet Player of the Year"; his highly acclaimed latin-jazz group CRUZAO was also nominated at the NJAs in 2002, 2003 & 2004 for "Electric Jazz Group of the Year".  2001 saw him win the coveted Montreal Jazz Festival's  "General Motors Grand Prix Du Jazz Award" which led to his being signed to the prestigious Justin Time Records label. He was also the recipient of the 2001 CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award".  2004 would bring CRUZAO a nomination at the Canadian Independant Music Awards for "Alternative Latin Artist of the Year" and his 10-man salsa outit - MARRÓN MATIZADO - would be honoured with the Silver Medal by SalsaSPOT.com for "Toronto's Favourite Salsa Band". 
           Brownman is one of the first calls for not only jazz and urban recording sessions (having affiliations at both SONY & UNIVERSAL Recording Studios), but also appears in the horn sections of countless latin groups.  His recording credits sit at just under 200 CDs (many nominated for Junos) and he is currently composing and arranging actively for 6 groups of his own, all of which have gained critical acclaim in their own diverse idioms - the multi-award-winning latin-jazz unit CRUZAO, jazz-hip-hop group GRUVASYLUM, mainstream NYC style hard-swinging trio & quartet The BROWNMAN AKOUSTIC TRIO / QUARTET / QUINTET respectively, the eclectic and electrified modern improvising trio in the spirit Miles Davis' electric period BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO, the 10-piece Salsa powerhouse MARRÓN MATIZADO, and the 15-man latin-jazz-urban orchestra CRUZAO GRUPO MONSTRUOSO.
           Testimony to his extreme versatility, his just over 300 CD studio recording credits are in styles ranging from Be-bop to Acid-jazz to Hip-hop to Brazilian Samba to Cuban Salsa as well as performing on a number of major motion picture soundtracks, music videos and live television broadcasts.  His sound has been called Freddie Hubbard meets Randy Brecker & Clifford Brown with hints of Woody Shaw and is quickly becoming familiar to jazz, latin & urban music fans in Toronto and across the country as recordings he's appeared on spread. His movie credits also include a cameo appearance in the Jennifer Lopez movie "Angel Eyes" and the 2002 CBC pilot "In A Jam"
           Amongst a long list of mentors, Brownman has studied (and performed) with multi-Grammy-winning recording legend Randy Brecker (of The Brecker Brothers) in New York City, Brazilian samba master Claudio Roditi, Canadian flugelhorn great Guido Basso and with British jazz icon Kenny Wheeler while attending the prestigious Banff Center For The Arts 1995 International Jazz Workshop (one of only 3 trumpet players selected from world-wide auditions).
           Brownman has performed (or recorded) with the likes of John Scofield, Kenny Wheeler, Randy Brecker, Wayne Shorter, Charlie Hunter, Gary Bartz, Danilo Perez, Gary Thomas, Hugh Fraser, Norman Marshall Villeneuve, Don Thompson, Kirk Macdonald, Pat Labarbera, Kelly Jefferson, Mike Murley, Marc Rogers, Daniel Barnes, William Carn, Shelly Berger, Rita Di Ghent, Gord Webster, Stich Wynston, The Philosopher Kings, Grüvoria, John Blackwell (drummer for Prince), GURU (of Gangstarr fame), Jay-z, Missy Elliot, KRS-1, DJ Kool Herc, Big Daddy Kane, Fito Blanko, Divine Earth Essence, The Pocket Dwellers, Juke Joint, Jason Wilson & Tabarruk, Chucho Valdes & Irakere, Dominicanada, Maninho Costa, Cruzao, Banda Bella, Energia Latina, Bestial, Ricky Franco, Cimarron, Macondo, Pacande & far too many more to list here.
           As both sideman and leader, this fiery young musician has played every major Jazz Festival and Latin venue in Canada, touring both this country and the U.S. extensively, has represented Canada at the Havana Jazz Festival, Cuba multiple times and is quickly becoming a known and sought after entity in Europe. One of the hottest names in Canada today.  Watch for him!"

 Scott McLaren,
         host of "THE JAZZ JOURNEY", 
             CHRY radio (105.5FM)

" One of the next voices in the new generation of jazz improvisors"
           - Randy Brecker, multi-Grammy winning jazz trumpet legend

" Remarkable writing and burning energy coming out of this young trumpet player"
           - John Scofield, multi-Grammy winning jazz guitar icon

" ... a truly gifted improviser with an original creative voice..."
           - Gary Bartz, saxophonist with Miles Davis

" ... uniquely creative and fearless - like a young Miles Davis"
           - Guru, legendary hip-hop icon from Gangstarr/Jazzmatazz fame

" Energy is never in short supply in Brownman Ali's world. This Toronto/Trinidadian trumpeter loves skipping from style to style almost as much as he digs mixing it up with the jazz elite"
           - NOW magazine, Toronto (cover story)

" Canada's preeminent jazz trumpeter"
           - Village Voice, New York City

" ... a warm, personable soloist displaying an engaging mix or quirks and lyricism."
           - Mark Miller, Globe and Mail

" Brownman... Ali... Marrón... this dynamic young trumpet player has as many names as he has skills"
            - Picante Xpress Latin Magazine

" ... deliciously quirky & invigorating... CRUZAO seethes with energy, particularly showing off the skills of trumpeter Ali and his brother Marcus on alto sax."
           - Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

" Brownman & CRUZAO... the finest latin-jazz group Canada's ever produced"
            - latinjazznet.com

"CRUZAO breaks down the boundaries between latin, jazz and funk in the most innovative way I've seen yet"
            - New York University faculty member and Latin-jazz icon Memo Acevedo

Brownman currently leads and actively
composes for 6 unique ensembles : 

5-piece multi-award winning chordless LATIN-JAZZ-URBAN unit
featuring Brown's original compositions in a Brazilian & Cuban vein. 
Visit the CRUZAO website or Listen to MP3 samples.

15-man large ensemble version of CRUZAO featuring 6 jazz horns, 3 latin percussionists
2 funk bassists, 2 latin vocalists & 2 of Canada's finest freestyle rappers. A one-of-a-kind big band. 
Visit the MONSTER website

Electric and eclectic, this highly energized Miles Davis inspired trio
embodies modern improvising jazz ideology fused with modern urban soundscapes. 
Visit the ELECTRYC TRIO website.

The classic JAZZ trumpet quartet/trio - horn, bass, drums (+ piano). Originals and standards. 
Visit the BAQ website.

10-piece SALSA powerhouse.  Hard hitting modern salsa with elements of funk, hip-hop & jazz.
Visit the MATIZADO website

Jazz-funk/hip-hop unit featuring MC Enlight (rapper) interpreting original lyrics
from jazz standards in a hip-hop context - rapper, horn, keyboards, bass, drums. 
Visit the GRUVASYLUM website

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