A fund-raiser to replace a stolen ride
Sun-Feb-27 (2011), 8:00pm @ Trane Studio
964 Bathurst St., Toronto   www.TraneStudio.com

In Dec 2010, while on tour in upstate New York, Brownman's car was tragically stolen in Buffalo.  This jazz trumpet player's losses total close to $10,000.

In response, the Toronto music community has come together to throw a benefit for Brownman to try and offset the cost of a replacement car. 

On Sun-Feb-27, 2011, a night of varying and vibrant music will ensue featuring some of the most acclaimed and in demand artists in Toronto taking the stage this night from assorted genres he's worked in over the years from jazz to hiphop to latin to electronica, all coming out in support of  Brownman's stolen ride (Brownman himself will guest with all the artists).

It will be a music party you won't want to miss, with all proceeds going to helping him offset his losses.

$Pay What You Want
$10 suggested donation

If you can't attend, but would like to contribute to the stolen car fund please consider sending a donation using the button below
(PayPay, VISA, AMEX, Mastercard or Discover)

All proceeds to Brownman's new car fund

Sun-Feb-27 ( 2011), 8pm
Trane Studio
964 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON

Message from Brownman:
My deepest thanks again to everyone, regardless if you're able to be there or not, simply for the outpouring of kindness at the victimization of a fellow artist.  Raising money is secondary to just having an uplifting party on Sunday and having friends, family & musical colleagues remind each other that objects can be replaced -- but friendships, artistry, creativity and evolution should never be beaten down in the face of thievery and victimization. 

Big love everyone.

- Brown

The Complete Tale:
After a gig with the Brownman Electryc Trio in Buffalo, acclaimed Upstate New York DJ Culter drove me back to where I thought I had parked my car in Allentown, on Hudson St. - but it wasn't there!  I was confused.  Maybe I was on the wrong street?  Cut and I checked other side streets, but I felt sure I was on the right street.  Where the hell was my car??!!!

There was a policie crusier at the bottom of the street and I ran over and knocked on the window to tell the officer I thought my car might have been stolen.  He looked at me, shook his head sadly and wagged his thumb over his shoulder saying "sorry kid, you'll have to get in line.  This lady also just had her car stolen".  I looked past him into the back seat and there was a girl there crying her eyes out.  Apparently I wasn't the only one.

Over the course of the next hour and a half (how long it took for him to radio in to check all the tow-lots, and then fill out a police report) I learned that it was most likely a Puerto Rican car theft ring operating on the west side of Buffalo.  Apparently they love Hondas, as they're easy to chop up.  As he's telling me this, my heart continuing to sink, and any hope of seeing my car or my gear again fading, I ask "um... is there ANY chance maybe someone's just out joyriding and you'll find it again?".  He cop, still looking at his police report says to me, "sure we'll find it... in 3 weeks... in a field... on fire.  Sorry kid.  Your car's in the wind.  Those Puerto Ricans will chop it up and likely burn the body because it's a Canadian VIN number."


Over the next day Culter put me up, and drove me all over the city calling every seedy underground connection he had to try find the car.  He figured we had about 24 hours before they started chopping it up, and maaaaybe his more illicit connections could help track it down.  We tried.  But as the sun started to set on that day and I realized that all I had left was the clothes on my back and my horn, I started to total what I'd lost.   The total loses including the car itself & the contents - which included a suitcase full of equipment - totaled close to $10,000.  Ouch.

The next day Culter, refusing to just stick me on a bus, drove me back to Toronto.  I can't thank him enough for being there from the start, hosting me, hauling me around... we went to Walgreens so I could buy a toothbrush and razer, and he got as little sleep as I did over the course of that tramautic weekend.  Thank you Cut, my brother.  And a huge thank you to the citizens of Buffalo (Seamus Gallivan, DJ Culter and Brian Herlihy in particular) for organizing a Buffalo fundraiser too.  I am consistently moved and amazed by everyone's graciousness and generosity in the face of such selfish acts.  Thank you everyone.

Read the TheGoodNeighbourhood.com article.

.Artists appearing include:

Steve Cole
(house guitarist)
Highly in demand jazz guitarist w/ Kingsley
Etienne & Grand Prix Du Jazz Award nominee

Chris Lesso
(house drummer)
Drummer for "Wild T" Springer & 
RhythmInMotion studios, Sonor drums artist
MySpace site

Josh Cohen
(house bassist)
Bassist with Toast, New Tradition &
bass sub for Brownman Electryc Trio
MySpace site

Acclaimed freestyle rapper from
Gruvasylum & Dubslingers

Phatt Al
Luminous front-man of GOD MADE
MAKE ME FUNKY, rapper, producer & actor

Dana-Jean Phoenix
Powerhouse R'n'B vocaist often seen with
God Made Me Funky, has a video on MTV

Mike Celia
Singer/songwriter/guitarist whose distinctive, 
infectious voice never fails to enchant

Ben Miller
Bassist with God Made Me Funky, Chiva, 
Max Senitt & too many more to list here
MySpace site

JUNO nominated alto sax, flute & magnificent
vocalist integrates jazz & world music

Ryan Wayne
Guitarist & founding member of award-winning
roots indie rock band the WARPED 45s

Kathleen Gorman
Innovative singer/songwriter/pianist
with a flair for unique arrangements

Funkified organ trio in the spirit of SOULIVE

Spin El Poeta
Award-winning Guatemalan-born 
slam poet, one of the best in the nation

Ruben "Beny" Esguerra
Colombian top-shelf conga player, 



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Fri-Mar-11: Toronto,ON @ Trane Studio w/ guests Magnum K.I.
Sat-Mar-12: Toronto, ON @ Trane Studio w/ guests  Magnum K.I.
Sun-Mar-13: Bracebridge, ON @ Club One (above RiverWalk) - Night 1/2
Mon-Mar-14: Bracebridge, ON @ Club One (above RiverWalk) - Night 2/2
Tue-Mar-15: Huntsville, ON @ Chaffey Hall
Wed-Mar-16: Sault Ste Marie,ON @ Loplops Art Gallery
Thr-Mar-17: travel day
Fri-Mar-18: Thunder Bay, ON @ Gargoyles - Night 1/2
Sat-Mar-19: Thunder Bay, ON @ Gargoyles - Night 2/2
Sun-Mar-20: travel day
Mon-Mar-21: Selkirk, MB @ Selkirk Regional High - workshops & concert
Tue-Mar-22: Winnipeg, MB @ Lo Pub w/ Magnum K.I. - double-bill
Wed-Mar-23: Yorkton, SK @ Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre
Thr-Mar-24: Saskatoon, SK @ The Parktown
Fri-Mar-25: Regina, SK @ The Artesian
Sat-Mar-26: Regina, SK @ House Party (open to public!)
Sun-Mar-27: Edmonton, AB @ Yardbird Suite
Mon-Mar-28: day off
Tue-Mar-29: Calgary, AB @ highschool workshops (tbc)
Wed-Mar-30: Calgary, AB @ Beatniq - Night 1/2
Thr-Mar-31: Calgary, AB @ Beatniq - Night 2/2
Fri-Apr-01: Kamloops, BC @ Entertainment Mangement show
Sat-Apr-02: Kamloops, BC @ Kamloops Convention Ctr (via CFBX)
Sun-Apr-03: Kelowna, BC  @ Minstrel
Mon-Apr-04: Vernon, BC @ various highschools - workshops
Tue-Apr-05: Vernon, BC @ Vernon Jazz Society feature concert
Wed-Apr-06: Chilliwack, BC @ Grey Area Gallery
Thr-Apr-07: Vancouver, BC @ Trocadero
Fri-Apr-08: Nanaimo, BC @ Dinerís Rendezvous - Night 1/2
Sat-Apr-09: Nanaimo, BC @ Dinerís Rendezvous - Night 2/2
Sun-Apr-10: Victoria, BC @ Hermann's Jazz Club
Mon-Apr-11: Victoria, BC @ various highschools - workshops
Tue-Apr-12: Victoria, BC @ Reynolds Highschool - concert

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