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Published June 28, 2005

First jobs : 
Nick "Brownman" Ali

Nick "Brownman" Ali

Metro: What was your first job, and what did you learn from it that you are still using today?

Ali: My first job was babysitting my little brother Marcus.  It was during this delicate formative period that I first learned the art of holding him off the balcony by his feet while making him promise to give me the rest of his cookies.  This skill has come in handy in CRUZAO when Marc starts contesting chord structures in my tunes.  This is the prime reason for always holding CRUZAO rehearsals on balconys, and never on the ground floor.  I really like cookies man.

Ali, who is an award-winning trumpet player & composer, will be playing during the TD Canada Trust Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival including a gig with CRUZAO, his latin jazz ensemble, at the Bier Markt (58 The Esplanade) on July 3 and features his brother Marc - who still refuses to share his cookies with tyrannical older siblings

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